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When I begin working with a client, I offer two prenatal appointments, on call service two weeks before your due date through your labor, and one postpartum visit. Our prenatal visits will work as a means for us to get to know each other, and feel more comfortable together. I will be present for you as you share what you’re going through with your pregnancy. I will come with my handy birth bag equipped with the tools I need to help ensure you receive the best care.
birth work
Postpartum care

Prenatal Appointments

  • Two prenatal visits for checking in on your pregnancy, as well as connecting with each other.
  • Over the phone advice for any concerns you might be having.
  • Guidance on how to best support the pregnant person for any birth partners also attending.
  • Body massage, essential oils, lighting, and other tools to help calm and soothe. 
  • Advocating for your wants and needs in the birth room.
  • I guide you through different exercises and movements to aid pain management and the progression of labor.
  • I stay 30 minutes after the birth to ensure all your needs are met.
  • One postpartum visit during baby's first week at home where we cover any help you might need, and revisit your birth for mental and emotional processing.
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Postpartum Care

  • Day time care available (minimum 3 hours).
  • Overnight care 10:30pm - 6:30am.
  • I help look after your baby while you look after yourself.
  • Help and guidance around the house and new baby needs.
  • Overnight care looks like me staying up through the night with your baby monitoring diaper changes, sleep cycle, and behaviors so you get a full night's rest.
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