testimonial photo dakin

Dakin H.

"Both me and my partner are very, very anxious people. When I get anxious, my mind ends up going completely blank, and I just start to freeze up. When working with Jourdan, this is something that I brought up early on, and she was armed with everything she needed to help me support my partner during labor. She kept me focused, talked me through the things I needed to do, and even snuck in just enough humor to ground me during the birth process. She is kind of a birthing superhero, and I don't know how we would have gotten through this without her."
testimonial photo molly

Molly N.

"I highly recommend Jourdan Sales to help support you in your pregnancy and labor as a doula. I had doula support with my first child three and a half years ago in Philadelphia, and while I was on the fence about whether I would necessarily need it again the second time around, I am so glad that I decided to have Jourdan with us for the delivery. My labor experience with my daughter Grace was fast, and therefore quite intense and, like my first, I labored without any medical intervention. Jourdan not only provided a calm, reassuring voice and presence but also massage, essential oils, music and drinks to help soothe and sustain me during the experience. She also was a great support partner for my husband, helping to guide him in ways he could massage and comfort me as well. We loved getting to know her beforehand so we would all feel comfortable with one another and she formed a special bond with my older daughter over dinner:) It was also great that she had previously worked with my midwife, Gwen Haynes, so there was a seamless interaction of care from the two of them along with the nurses and my husband. I am so grateful to Jourdan for her support and care during my delivery and happily recommend her to others who may be looking for the same."
testimonial photo jennifer

Jennifer L.

Jourdan was an amazing source of support for me before and during the delivery of my first child. I was so nervous about the birth process and she was an amazing source of support . When we met she exuded warmth, caring, and professionalism. I felt at ease and comfortable with her. My delivery was 3 days long and Jourdan never once complained, hanging in there with me and my husband even though we were all literally falling asleep in between contractions because we were so exhausted. For the first part of my delivery, before my epidural, her skilled massage on my lower back made my contractions so much more bearable, so much so that the nurses exclaimed that they thought I could deliver without an epidural because I looked that calm. She massaged me during every contraction for hours. After I ended up getting Pitocin and an epidural because I was not progressing, she helped encourage me and gave me hip compresses which helped immensely. She also had essential oils, a yoga ball, and other items at the ready for my comfort. It was a difficult and long labor, but I didn't have to get a C section, which was my primary objective. I credit a ton of this to Jourdan. I would absolutely recommend her to any mother-to-be!
testimonial photo amy

Amy M.

I was not looking forward to giving birth. Meeting my baby, yes; the hours that would precede it, NO. I was scared to the point of tears.
Jourdan was there for those tears, and there for the 30 or so hours my daughter took to exit my body. My labor started after a membrane sweep and unfortunately included back labor. Jourdan knew to feed me early on because eating would become harder the further I got, and when I threw up all the food she made me, Jourdan was there with a hospital-issue barf bag and caught every drop. She tried to help me walk, which I was super not into. She went with us in the Lyft to the hospital. I'd been unsure whether I'd want to get an epidural, and Jourdan and I had talked through options in advance, and she was completely supportive when I was like "epidural please" basically as soon as I got into a room. I was able to labor very calmly and with minimal pain after that, and Jourdan went home to rest a bit while I was getting some much-needed sleep and my cervix had a lot more opening to do. We ended up calling her back at 4am, a little earlier than expected, and I still don't know how she did it but I swear she strolled back into the room like 10 minutes later. It defied physics.
Jourdan supported my (also terrified) husband and helped him be the best birth coach he could be. He was on my left, she was on my right, and she talked him through holding my hand and holding my leg back while talking me through pushing and helping me breathe. Baby Corin arrived after 40 minutes of pushing, and Jourdan snapped the picture we ended up texting to all our friends (still one of my favorites).
I'm SO glad we were able to work with Jourdan. She was great at listening to our fears and talking us through how birth might go, while being clear that it doesn't follow a predictable path. Going into labor, it was such a relief to know that she was there and could talk us through anything that happened, and would be our advocate if we needed help communicating with hospital staff. I highly recommend Jourdan as a birth doula. She was easy to connect and communicate with, and was a real champ in the delivery room. Thank you, Jourdan, for helping us bring our goofy kid into the world!